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Title - Riverside Rehab

These are friends who came to visit me in rehab and one other patient in the wheel chair.

Frank Runyeon
a Journalist was kind enought to take the Photograph.
Frank isn't in the photo so here he is.  

I recall that I arrived at night, I was put in a bed and several medical personnel examined me at the same time.  They were also interested in a new electronic device that came with me.  It transmitted real-time data back to the hospital regarding my heart.  It was the first time any of them have seen this device.   

During my three week stay, different medical personnel would walk in from time to time to view the device.  It looked sort of like an internet router.

The next morning a physical therapist woke me up, put me in a wheel chair and rolled me to the cafeteria.  When I got back, I was told do not to try to walk without the assistance of a staff member. 

I was very pissed off about being put in a wheel chair and tried walking on my own anyway (in my room).  By the end of day I was walking normally.  The next morning I walked to the cafeteria and the staff did not notice that I was supposed to be in a wheel chair.  I was also the only patient on that floor who was able to shower and dress themselves.   

Devine intervention has taken me from certain death to full functionality.

Riverside Rehab was reasonably pleasant.  The medical staff were profession and concerned about the welfare of the patients.  Dr. Auld did a great job of looking after me and the other patients.

The administrative staff to a degree lacked compassion and this is the opinion of patients other then myself.

I just wanted to go home and my building was only one block away.
I think  that they keep me there longer then required.  My  body was fully functional but my energy was low.

I will be adding more to this page.