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Due to unique administrative problems (not caused by Mount Sinai hospital), I received important help from Nurse Practitioner Lisa Marcano who works with Dr. Chikwe and Nurse Practitioner Mary McDonagh who works with Dr. Koruth.  Social Worker Ryan Dritz was also very helpful.

My follow-up care is in the capable hands of all the wonderful health care professionals at Metropolitan Hospital.  My primary care physician was Dr. Zaher who shows much concern to maintan my well being.

In the eight years that I have been a patient at this hospital, I have seen many improvements in how they serve the public.  The staff is great.  What more can a patient ask for?

Early in 2021 Dr. Zaher refered  me to the urology department.

Since May 2021, I was on the operating table 10 times to deal with a large kidney stone (with horns) and had many compilcations and other health issues that I had learned about.

Dr. Matthews who is incharge of urology had put me in the care of Dr. Fullerton and his capable team for all of my surgery.

The last of my surgery was finished at the begining of January 2022.  I will spare you the gory details but the complcations put me though much misery.

Dr. Fullerton and his team of other surgeons were all so skilled and careful that by April 2022, I was very close to 100% recovered and back to normal.

Dr. Naim has continued with my most recent care and surgery.  Now I am 100%  recovered.


Without exception all of the healthcare professorial in urology and in the hospital ward were great.
Sorry, there was one exception.  In the hospital ward one of the nurses was repeatedly nasty to me and the nurse manager witnessed her behavior toward me and dealt with her with much anger.

All the other nurses were like "Angels of Mercy".

Circumstances caused me to check into the Metropolitan Hospital emergency room at 4 am one morning.  The staff was more skill then I expected. 

As I came out, I bented down to tie my shoe and couldn't reach it.  Out of nowhere came a NYC police officer who said "Sir let me help you".  He proceeded to kneel down and tied my shoe for me.

"New York's Finest" is not a slogan, it is a FACT.

The Administative Staff was also very helpful.  I had many pre-surgery appointments for each of my 10 times on the operating table.  They tried to arrange the appointments on the same days whenever possible so that I had less trips to the hospital.

Last but not least, I was put in the care of social worker Radenko Jokic.  His concern for my health well being was considerable.  He sets a great example for those that he supervises.

Now, Mr. Jokic heads the hospital's Dental Dept.  Life goes on!