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  At this point I was considered to be medically hopeless by most, but Dr. Herzog at St. Lukes Hospital and Dr. Chikwe at Mount Sinai Hospital believed that I could be saved.

Before the operation, my family members who were there were told that the operation had a 20% chance of success.  Actually they claimed to be family members but were dear friends that were there and very concerned. 

Dr. Chikwe was the surgeon who lead the operating room team. 
Women in Science and Medicine - Joanna Chikwe, MD

The Video was produced by Mount Sinai Hospital,  I think??

I am squeamish about medical matters and did not ask many questions.
A micro-valve and by-pass are what I know about. Also in the operation there was a vessel from my leg that was used in the heart.

Jan. 24 at 4:02 am the 8 hr. operation was over.  It was a success!

Jan. 25 they said I was stable but still on the ventilator.

The next 2 to 3 days were crucial due to what was a 75% fatality rate.

I survived to be working on this website.

Conventional wisdom was redefined by Dr. Chikwe and Dr. Herzog  regarding my situation.  Thank God for that.

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