That would not have existed if the Doctors failed to save me!

Autumn in New York

 30 degrees cold Outdoors - behind Lincoln Center - NYC

 The Central Park Resovoir -  NYC

Rev. Lafferty Celebrating 50 years of Ordination

Summer Street Fair -  NYC

Riverside Park Blossom - NYC

Radio City Music Hall at Christmas Time - NYC

Couple by the Lake in Central Park - NYC

Two Actors in a Stage Play - NYC

Her Grandfather was a WWII Hero in the South Pacific - NYC
Central Park Lake in Autumn - NYC
Halloween Night - NYC

Very Tall Apartment Building on 58th Street - NYC

Strange Building on Westend & 60th Street  - NYC

Snow Storm in Riverside Park - NYC

Body Painting Contest - NYC

Celebration in Riverside Park - NYC

Central Park Lake - NYC

Portrait of Exercise Trainer - NYC

Bloody Girl - Halloween in Times Square - NYC

People at the 5th Ave. Easter Parade - NYC

Folks in the Christain Fellowship Group that I Attend - NYC

Freedom Tower Park - NYC

Artist in Central Park - NYC

Street Scene at Night - NYC

Musician - NYC

Building from Central Park view - NYC

St. John Cathedral  - NYC

Interesting Building along the Westside Highway - NYC

Kids Enjoying themselves in Central Park - NYC

Exercise Class - NYC

Butterfly in Riverside Park - NYC

My Backyard - NYC

I-Pad Photographer  - Times Square - NYC

Whale in the American Museum of Natural History - NYC

Christmas Lights in Bryant Park - NYC

Woman at the 5th Ave. Easter Parade - NYC

Singer at Recording Session - NYC

Patriotic Ladies in Times Square - NYC

Friendly Enemies - She is Hiding her Face - NYC

Video Session - NYC

Enjoying Central Park -  NYC

Waiting for the Big Train - NYC
Nurses on the Loose in Manhattan - My Sister and Two Cousins

Hudson River from Manhattan - NYC